Student Artist Spotlight: Elias Strunck


Courtesy of Elias Strunck

Elias Strunck Is This Week’s Featured Artist

D. Khan, Arts Section Editor


Our last artist spotlight revolved around digital artist Mariana Gonzalez. In any form of art, different people can create unique content. The mediums can be identical, but everybody has their own style to use the supplies for. This week’s student is Junior Elias Strunck. Elias also works with digital art, but their style is unique and equally impressive. 


Elias has been making art for as long as they can remember. “I’ve been creating my whole life, though I started drawing to improve and eventually make it a career about seven years ago,” they explain. Now, their art has refined and evolved into a distinctly sharp and simple style. The practice has paid off!


“I’m a digital artist with a focus on character design and sequential art,” Elias says. Sequential art uses individual drawings to tell a story–the best-known examples of it are comics. Elias uses stylized faces and strong lines to bring that cartoon-comic influence into their own art. Unique color palettes, simple shading, and fun poses and details put their own spin into their creations, making their work unique and aesthetically pleasing. 


Elias’s biggest piece of advice towards students interested in sequential art is to create what makes them happy. “You find the most improvement in creating what you want to create,” they explained, “Not to appease anyone else.” It’s an important reminder that art is for you first and the world second. Improvement can only come when you’re enjoying the work, and Elias clearly loves creating their pieces. 


Thank you to Elias Strunck for their interview! If you would like to recommend yourself or a student for an artist spotlight, please contact [email protected]