How Harmful is Our Divided Nation?


USF Oracle

The dangers of the two party system.

M. Sunku, Staff Writer

Without a doubt, the Divided America that we live in is more harmful than helpful. Although this two party system works amazing in theory, is it really creating a peaceful nation like a democracy should? 

This NY Times article written by James Kirchick explains the dangers of a fragmented America perfectly. Kirchick says “Instead of a fascist power grab, we seem more likely to witness an escalating series of disputes between state and federal authorities, and among the states themselves, leading to the possibility of division and secession”. This line explains how the differences in opinions and heterogeneity of cultures could make the already existing divide even deeper. 

The sharp contrast between opinions on many key issues will ensure that one side is always unhappy. For example, the distinction between pro-life arguments and pro-choice arguments. No matter what is decided by the higher officials, someone will always be unhappy. 

The “melting pot” that is America has more centrifugal forces rather than centripetal forces, which will affect all of us in the long run. We see many of the effects today- protests breaking out, riots taking place, and even something as trivial as friendships being lost over political views. 

Even as something as controversial as Trump’s presidential candidacy comes to an end, none of the ride or die supporters/critics will simply vanish. These feelings of hostility between classes, cultures, races, and even genders will not leave, even if Trump has.