A Breakdown of Final Exams



Here is a guide to this semester’s final exams!

S. Manku, Student Life Section Editor

As the semester comes to an end, we look forward to having no more classes and relaxing over winter break. However, finals are right after break. This year, finals will look a little different so here is a guide to help you understand the finals system for this semester!

Some finals will be optional this year. Before you go celebrating, make sure you’re not in Math 1, Math 3, English 1, English 2, Biology, Foods 1, Health Science or Principles of Business. These classes all have EOC’s or State Assessments which you must take in person unless you have a medical exemption. These exams will count towards your final grade, so your grade will be 40% from Q1, 40% from Q2 and 20% from the final exam. You will need to complete this form to let the school know what exams you will be taking. Exams are scheduled from January 11th- January 15th. In person exams will be from 7:25- 11:45. The lowest you can get on the exam is 60%, and state finals are also unable to hurt your grade. If you need accommodations for testing or a medical exemption, contact Ms. Maria Miller at this phone number (919) 694-8222. If you have any questions about exams, contact our testing coordinator Ms. Katie Hailey at [email protected].

Now let’s talk about teacher made exams. Teacher made exams are optional and will not hurt your grade if you choose to take one. If you take a teacher made exam, the exam score will count for 20% of your grade if it can bring your grade up. It will not affect your grade if you don’t score enough to bring your grade up. Teacher made exams are online so you will not have to come into the building. 

AP exams are not created by the school or the state, they are created by College Board. These exams will be administered from May 3rd- May 14th, 2021. PrepScholar reports that College Board does not intend on holding exams online this year, although that may change as the pandemic progresses. You will need to register for your AP exam following these steps. If you are not enrolled in an AP class but you want to take an exam, you will have to pay the fee for the exam. 

We hope this guide has helped you understand the finals schedule! If you have any questions, visit the links embedded in the article.