Week Two Reflections

Due to the circumstances, it will take a while for everyone that attends school in-person to adapt and establish a new “normal.” That has been the mantra for Green Level High School this semester as students make their way back into the building.

In an interview held with Principal Summers, she was able to tell us the changes that they are potentially going to make after all three cohorts have attended in-person.

“Let’s get through this rotation, let’s get through next week, and then let’s see where we are and see if we need to make some tweaks…tweaks include things such as, do we truly need to have up and down stairwells, or are we fine?… can students just come in the cafeteria and sit on a sticker, or do we have to load from front to back?…

In talking with Mrs.Summers, she shared the percentage of students who came into school from cohort B, which was 79%, and the percentage of students that came into school from cohort C, which was 87.5%. The overall attendance of students has increased, and the big question is, will more kids come into school from cohort A?

Our staff here at Green Level are working hard to make school as efficient as they can, while also ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being.

“We over prepared… we really wanted to make sure that y’all felt safe””

— Mrs. Summers

Two week of in-person school at Green Level is definitely a change but seems to be a peak of a new “normal.”