Keep Your Mask On


M. Sunku

Covid-19 is still real and you still need to keep your mask on.

M. Sunku, Staff Writer

While those who are vaccinated are safe against the craziness that is COVID19, children under 12 years of age and those who don’t have access to the COVID shot are still in the red zone. 

The CDC says that even if you’re vaccinated, you still need to take precautions. While the mask mandate has lifted, it’s still not a good idea to travel without your mask covering your nose and mouth because you may be putting more people in danger. 

The vaccine protects you from severe COVID symptoms, but that does not mean that you can’t get infected. While this can keep your life out of danger, the same cannot be said about those around you. Younger siblings, children, and those who haven’t had the time or resources to get their vaccinations are at risk, even when exposed to only mild symptoms.

It’s not a good idea to be reckless. Keep your mask on. You could be saving more lives than you know.  

Some stores and shopping centers still require masks while inside. Others, such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Costco, and Publix have become some of the first mask-free stores.  

Don’t be selfish, keep others out of danger. Keep your mask on.