Men’s Lacrosse: A Season Preview


E. Stein

The Green Level lacrosse team plays a strong game against Cary High.

E. Stein, Staff Writer

With spring sports on the horizon, it’s time to dive deeper into one of Green Level’s most promising sports, Men’s Lacrosse, and find out what their season is going to look like. Last season, the Gators were not expected to do big things in their conference, being a second-year program, and having struggled the program’s first year. The men’s lacrosse team made a name for themselves for the first time last season, going 9-2 in the regular season, and making playoffs for their first time in school history.

I asked two seniors and starters on the men’s lacrosse team some questions about the upcoming season. The first is starting goalie, and captain of the Gator lacrosse team Skyler Stein. Zach Mansfield, plays long pole, is a senior and leader on the team as well.


How do you feel about the conference our team is in this year as opposed to last year? 

Zach responded, “The competition is better this season but so is our team.”

Skyler agreed, “It’s a much stronger conference, probably the best in the state, but we are a much stronger team.”

Zach, do you have high hopes for the team this year? 

“Absolutely… we’re making a playoff run.”

Skyler, what does the team need to work on this season to improve from last season? “We will work on capitalizing on important moments in big games and we can continue to improve on our team chemistry, as well as our lacrosse IQ.”

How do you both feel about our underclassmen going into this season?

Zach- “I mean our freshman and sophomore class is really promising. One young name, in particular, is Austin Hyrn, who scored a lot of goals for our team last season.”

Skyler- “Our underclassmen are a strong and vital part of our team who we are excited to have continuing to improve and grow with us.”


The lacrosse season is around the corner.