Why is should be a holiday

C. Nestor, M. Ford, and L. Willis

Valentine’s day should be considered a holiday because it is good for the economy, can be celebrated among your closest friends and family, and give you a reason to indulge yourself. 


First, the commercial success of Valentine’s Day in the U.S is incredible. Valentine’s day became commercialized in 1985 by the company Hallmark. They started launching Valentine’s Day commercials. They soon got the name “The Valentine’s Store” in commercial promoting cards and other heart-shaped products. The growth of the economy during Valentine’s day has increased by 17% in just three years. According to https://www.thebalance.com, this year, people are expected to spend $23.9 billion dollars. Economic growth is fantastic and affects many people. It creates more profit for businesses, stock prices rise, and jobs and income rise. The time around Valentine’s Day is important for economic success.


Next, Valentine’s Day does not have to be about romantic interests; as it can be celebrated with close family and friends. Many people believe they do not spend enough time with friends and family, as they would wish to. Valentine’s day can be an excuse to go out with friends. 


Lastly, Valentine’s Day gives a reason to indulge yourself. 64% of Americans believe they do not have enough time to take care of themselves in the way they’d like to. This may not seem that important but, self-care has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, and improve energy. Whether it is pampering yourself or taking the night to de-stress, it can be necessary to enjoy yourself.


To conclude, Valentine’s day should be celebrated, as it is good for the economic growth of the country, can be celebrated with friends and family, and gives you a reason to prioritize yourself.