Varsity Tennis Goes 3-0 in First Week

J. Hill, Staff Writer

The men’s varsity tennis team here at Green Level just completed a great first week to their season. Finishing off the week on Friday with an impressive 9-0 win against Willow Spring. Currently the Gators are on a three win streak in just one week. On Monday they took their first victory this season 9-0 against Cary High School, followed by another impressive 6-2 second win against Middle Creek.

The team has been consistently putting up good numbers this season, easily winning all of their matches. With our school having all four grade levels this year, there is a lot to look forward to as far as sports go. This year the team is really looking forward to taking advantage of this and working as hard as possible. I spoke to Srikar Demsetti, a junior, who says “this is the first year with all four grades and we’re starting off strong. We have great teamwork and are able to support others on and off the court so this streak will only grow over the next few matches.” It sounds like the team is very hopeful and confident in their ability to make this a great season. With many talented players on the roster this year the team has a lot to look forward to. Many of the players on the team are currently undefeated in the season, Sid Patil a Junior on the team, is 3-0 so far this season. The team thinks that this is going to be their best season so far, and they believe that they have a very good shot at winning the conference this year.