An Eventful Season So Far For Women’s Soccer


E. Stein, Staff Writer

Our Green Level Gators just wrapped up their first week of conference games. 

Monday 03/01- They hosted their first game of the season versus Willow Springs and defeated them with a 5-2 win. Goal scorers included Ava Falick (2), Katelin Alexander (2), and Rebecca Cody (1). 

Wednesday 03/02- They had a very close and competitive game versus Cardinal Gibbons. The game ended in a 0-0 tie, as it was a low shooting game. Our gators withheld a strong, dependable backline, having no goals scored against them.

Friday 03/05- Our lady Gators obliterated Riverside with an 8-0 win. Goal scorers included Dakshayani Nimma, Maris Toppin, Zoe Willis, Ava Falick, Addison Wilson, and Presley Johnson with a hat trick (3 goals).

Prior to the Varsity win, the JV team had set the tone with a 9-0 win against the Pirates, resulting in a mercy rule, and the game ending early.

Monday 03/07- The Gators traveled to Cary High, the home of the Imps, they conceded a goal in the first half, putting them down 0-1. Once The Gators got into a groove, they were able to secure a goal early in the second half by Ava Falick, and another one quickly after off of a free kick by Zoe Willis, putting them ahead 2-1.  In the last 10 minutes, the Imps started to make erratic plays, however, The Gators were able to maintain their composure and shut them down for just long enough until the ref blew the whistle, ending the game. Zoe Willis said, “The game against Cary was very intense at the end as we were holding on to the small lead but it felt so rewarding to win after such a battle!”

Addison Wilson was asked about how she feels the season is going so far, to which she said, “We’ve grown a lot and improved as a team as well as had fun and been able to enjoy the beginning of the season.”