Gators vs. Falcons: A Head to Head Comparison in Varsity Sports Follow-Up

M. Nereu, Staff Writer

Last week an article was written comparing Green Level High School to Green Hope High School

comparing head to head records in Varsity sports. Out of games this year we were tied 8-8 with Green Hope in wins, but as of last Thursday we creeped ahead of Green Hope thanks to Women’s Soccer.

Women’s Soccer defeated the falcons 3-0, which put us ahead in the head to head Varsity wins. Like stated in the last article, Green Level High school first opened its doors 3 years ago, hosting only freshman and sophomores, this year is the first year in school history that all four grades are filled. Knowing this, our athletics program has come a long way from when the school first opened, with this season being one of the most impressive yet, and hopefully with many more to come. The athletic teams at Green Level have done a great job in bringing this school from its beginning stages to where we are today. In comparison to our neighboring school, Green Hope, we are competing right there with them.

Next week our Men’s Varsity Tennis team will take on the Falcons for a chance to add yet another point to our overall score. JV Women’s Soccer and Lacrosse both play Green Hope next week as well, however these will not tally into the score. We wish all three teams the best of luck next week and make sure you go out to support them!