Gators Return To The Swamp


Photo Courtesy of Colin Fegeley

Student Car Parade Organizer, Rebecca Cody, Arrived With Treats For Staff!

C. Fegeley

S. Manku, Student Life Section Editor

On Wednesday Gators returned to the Swamp! Sadly, students couldn’t stay long because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but both students and teachers enjoyed seeing each other in person for the first time this year! 

This reunion was organized by Junior, Rebecca Cody. Rebecca runs the Instagram account @gator_goonies which is the “OFFICIAL INSTA OF THE GREEN LEVEL STUDENT SECTION!” Last year, Rebecca received a Gator Coin for being a student section leader, along with Tyler Coffee. We asked Rebecca how she came up for the idea of having a car parade at Green Level and her response was, “Basically my Mom told me that I should bring coffee to Mrs. Summers one day, and then I was like I bet everyone would wanna do that.” Rebecca wanted to turn the event into “something fun so we could all see each other and everyone could drop off something for their teachers.” She then posted the idea on the Gator Goonies Instagram account and it took off from there! 

The most challenging part of organizing the parade was making sure everyone knew about it and enough students participated. Although it was short, there were many fun memories that were made including Gators dressed up in their Gator gear, coffee being brought to Mr. Fegeley and Mrs. Summers and many students showing their love for Ms. Nation! There was also a contest of who had the best costume and car decorations, with a free Chick-Fil-A lunch as the grand prize!  We hope there will be many more events where the Green Level community can make memories together, even during the pandemic, and we thank Rebecca for organizing this event!