Do You Want a Gator Coin?


S. Manku

Green Level Gator Coin

S. Manku, Staff Writer

You might have heard about athletes earning a Gator Coin or Varsity Letter, but what are those things?

Gator Coins are awarded to outstanding athletes, and while Varsity Letters can only be awarded to athletes on Varsity teams who meet specific criteria, Gator Coins can be awarded to any outstanding Gator. “There isn’t like a set rubric for them, we give them out for a variety of reasons” said Mr. Fegeley, our Athletic Director. “It’s kind of an athletics thing, but we’ve also give them out to non-athletes as well” Mr. Fegeley added.

Ethan Curran, a Gator of the Week, was awarded a Gator Coin for helping with the lunch trash situation. The student section leaders at the football games, Rebecca Cody and Tyler Coffee, also received Gator Coins. So, if you want to earn a Gator Coin, keep being an outstanding Gator and you might get one!