Cohort B Reflects as they Return to Campus

This week marks the first time an in-person cohort has returned. While some students chose to stay home instead of returning, the majority came back. The reasons for students to stay home or return vary from person to person. This is evident based upon the responses of two students, a freshman and a sophomore, in this returning cohort, 2B. While they both thought it was nice to come to school they had some different point of views on why. 

Jacob Rose, (Sophomore) stated that “it is nice to start getting back into the rhythm, and good to start getting back to normal.” He attended Green Level high school last year and knows what it would normally be like in the building. 

Freshman Harrison Rower, however, when I asked about coming to school he said, “It was alright, I guess. I feel like I can get a lot more done and be more productive.” 

Each seems to overall want to be back in the building but their different high school experiences have created reasons for wanting to be back in the building. When asked about the pros and cons of virtual versus in-person, their responses were very similar. 

Harrison stated, “I feel like I am a lot more productive in person but I miss being able to sleep between classes, and get food/water.” 

Jacob said almost the same thing “I feel like I can get a lot more done in person but that virtual classes have a nice flexible schedule.” 

When they were asked, “Do you think it is worth it to come to school?” Jacob flat out said, “Yes. I think it is!” Harrison said of the experience, “I enjoy the rotation, I think that it is refreshing. But coming to school is nice.”

While WCPSS measures and debates whether to increase the number of students in high school in-person cohorts, these two students seem to agree that they enjoy the in-person rotations.