Gator Lacrosse Helps Crosse Out Cancer


Lacrosse At The Swamp

The Green Level Men’s lacrosse team just finished up their fundraiser for Pretty In Pink, an organization that gives financial assistance and aid to those with breast cancer. The lacrosse team raised over $2,500 dollars through selling t-shirts and ribbons, every penny made being donated.

On top of raising money, The Gators had a cross-out cancer game against The Green Hope Falcons, sporting pink jerseys and honoring teammates’ and coaches’ loved ones who either passed away, survived, or are fighting cancer right now. The game was very high-scoring for The Gators, with the final score being 14-2, resulting in yet another win, the second against The Falcons. The highest scorer for this game was Austin Hryn who consistently performs well, but played out of his mind, scoring 5 goals against The Falcons.

There were many people at the game who had someone they were honoring, one of whom was the head coach for the Green Level Men’s lacrosse team, Kyle Sopko. Sopko’s mother and mother-in-law both suffered from cancer, making this game all the more important to him.

This disease is very personal to you, how did it feel to be able to honor your mother through your coaching position?

It was cool to be able to honor everyone by raising a lot of money for the Pretty in Pink Foundation, our local cancer organization in the Cary area.

Do you think the fundraiser was a success, and what did you personally do to make it a success?

Yes, I think it was a success, unfortunately, cancer is something that has affected so many people, but this also means it is easy to get a lot of support. Having the knowledge that this will be an annual event, we should be able to gather a lot of support in years to come.