Are you double shampooing?

Are you double shampooing?

To begin, some of you may be asking what double shampooing is and why I would waste extra time in the shower doing something I’ve previously done.

Shampooing your hair twice in the same shower or bath is known as double shampooing. Some hairstylists swear by double shampooing, claiming that the first shampoo removes impurities and oil while the second shampoo adds nourishment.

Is it necessary to shampoo your hair twice?

If your hair is greasy at the roots yet dry and brittle at the ends, it’s likely that the oil from your scalp is having problems getting to the ends of your strands. If you have particularly thick or curly hair, this could happen. Shampooing twice may help remove excess product and scrub away built-up oil around your scalp since those with curly or thick hair spend longer time between washes, allowing more time for the product to build up.

However, according to board-certified dermatologist and LovelySkin CEO Dr. Joel Schlessinger, twice shampooing might cause scalp irritation if you have thin, damaged, dry, or oily hair, or if you have a sensitive scalp. Dr. Schlessinger believes that double shampooing is unnecessary. “I’m concerned about scalp irritability.”

 I usually recommend ‘slow shampooing’ to my patients, which is leaving the shampoo on for the duration of their shower or bath and then washing it off at the end. This allows them to keep all of the benefits rather than having to wash it off right afterward.”

What is the story’s moral? Double shampooing is acceptable in some circumstances, but it is not essential every day, and it is not for everyone.