Bring Back Dead Animals!

Bringing back species such as dinosaurs and dodo birds would be extremely cool–can’t you just imagine walking this planet and seeing a T-Rex? But, more than that, bringing these creatures back to life would benefit scientific and technological fields greatly. Ethically it all makes sense, keep reading to find out if you should see a real life dinosaur in your lifetime. 

If we think about the basics of how these animals died, ethically we should bring them back to life because according to Discover Magazine’s Breanna Draxler, “If people pushed plants and animals into extinction, perhaps we owe it to these species to try and bring them back.” The very definition of ethics according to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is“the discipline dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty.” So, you may wonder, if it was our fault these innocent animals died, don’t we owe it to them to bring it back if we can? 

Sure, bringing back extinct species may not seem like a major issue.  As Freshman Olivia Jane Holmes put it, “I think we have more important problems to deal with than bringing back dead animals.” But, reintroduction could help with our major issue, climate change. What if I told you bringing back extinct animals through DNA could help our environmental issue? We could restore some ecosystems by bringing species such as the woolly mammoth that don’t pose extreme risks like many dinosaurs would.

As you know, some species are currently going extinct, and genome manipulation could really help with the population steadying of these creatures. Both white and black rhinoceros are going extinct, but recently at the San Diego Zoo. They have four female white rhino’s left and the one male may not be able to impregnate the females which could cause extinction. Even if the rare occasion happens that he can impregnate the females there would be little genetic diversity, making the species even closer to extinction. But we can save the rhinos by implementing genomes of genetically diverse rhinos so that the best qualities of their bone and skin can be reintroduced to the species, and therefore save it from totally wiping out. 

Science and technology has developed so much and now we have the power to bring back extinct animals and even prevent others from going extinct. Doing this would benefit the scientific community, and it would help our Earth. If we can save the planet, and the innocent animals the real question is: Why shouldn’t we?