Trump Should Be Impeached and Here’s Why

It’s not about whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, and it is not about whether you do or do not support Donald J. Trump. It’s about his actions and how they violate the Constitution. He should be impeached but I’m looking at it with unbiased facts, comparing the phone call to the Constitution and proving why this is definitely a misdemeanor.  

Pelosi was correct by investigating into Trump’s actions because they make him look extremely guilty. There are two different ways to be impeached: criminal offense or misdemeanor. Criminal offense would not only impeach the President, but it would basically throw him in jail. Misdemeanor is still abusing presidential power, but you would only be thrown out of office. The basis on which Pelosi announced the impeachment makes sense. Someone heard Trump on the phone with the leader of Ukraine acting as if government money was his own, additionally blackmailing Joe Biden. This would be a misdemeanor if successful, and here’s why it should be:

Trump’s calls were exposed by the whistleblower and when the records came out it was crystal clear he was blackmailing Ukraine, he even admitted to it! But don’t take my word for it, look at a quote from the July 25th call, “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you can look into it, it sounds horrible to me.” Not only has Trump been asking Ukraine for dirt on Biden, he has done the same for China! At his annual visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center 3 days ago he said, “China should start an investigation.” CNBC gave his speech blankly, but why is Trump asking for dirt so bad?

This country was founded with the intent that it would never become a monarchy, yet Trump has been acting like a King. Some may even say a dictator by implying to Ukraine’s leader that the government money in which Trump has no control over would only be given to them if they gave Trump that advantage for the 2020 election. 

A Green Level High School Freshman, Karissa Ingram brought up a good point regarding that the process while may be based correctly, is occurring too late, “If they really, really wanted to impeach Trump they should have done it sooner. The elections are next year!” Additionally, the process for impeachment is long, so whether it will go through or not is debatable. But for the many reasons above Trump’s actions are factually impeachable.