Green Level Vs. Holly Spring Wrestling Match


Green Level Vs. Holly Spring 132 Varsity Match

Yesterday the Gators went to Holly Spring to wrestle against the Golden Hawks. However they had no female wrestlers. So the matches only include boys JV and Varsity wrestlers. The Hawks put on a great fight but unfortunately lost. The score was 45-27. I shortly after interviewed the coaches and a wrestler. 

Questions for Coach 

How do you think the wrestling team did tonight?

Kovach: The team did very well. Everyone wrestled hard and did the best that they could. I am proud of everyone.

Leckonby: As a team we didn’t wrestle to the best of our ability. Which is what you gotta do when you wrestle good teams.

What did you think your team did well and what do you think they could improve on?

Kovach: Our team stuck together and supported one another during each match. Our culture provides a lot energy that benefits each wrestler. Everyone gets fueled by the family-oriented team.  As a team we still need to clean up the details on specific moves that will help set us up to be in better positions.

Holly: There is a lot that we can improve on, continuing to move instead of sitting still and waiting. What we did well was we worked top pretty well.

What is one wrestler that stood out to you tonight?

Kovach: I can’t pick one because everyone stood out. Everyone put forth effort and did the best that they could. Each wrestler’s efforts provided us with the team win.

Holly: I guess our 160 pounder, Eli.

Unfortunately Eli left before I could interview him and Coach Kovach couldn’t pick anyone so I decided to interview our Varsity 132 wrestler Thomas Gingerich also known as Tommy.

Questions for Wrestler

How do you think you did?

Tommy: I think I did pretty good, it was a bloody match but I ended up winning.

Did you do any preparation leading up to this match? 

Tommy: I worked with JJ on a few things before the match, I just kinda did my normal warm up.

How did you feel before and after wrestling ?

Tommy: Before I was feeling pretty good, I didn’t have a headache the last time I went 132 and after the match I had a little cramp in my left calf.