What Green Level Athletes Are Most Excited for Their Spring 2023 Season


The Gator Goonies cheering on the volleyball team at a prior game. twitter: @G_L_ATHLETICS

With the 2023 spring season coming up and workouts already in progress the athletes of Green Level are ready to take the field. During the spring seasons the sports that are played are men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s golf, men’s baseball, women’s softball, women’s soccer, men’s tennis, stunt, and lastly track and field. I went to go interview the athletes of Green Level what they’re most excited for in the spring 2023 season.

The first spring athlete I interviewed was SR. Riley McElreath. I asked her what she was most excited for this lacrosse season, “I’m really excited to play this year but I’m also a little sad knowing its my last year however I love that I get to play with my friends and my sister.”

The second athlete I interviewed was JR. Lacrosse Player, Myles Burger. ” Im most excited for play-offs we got knocked out in the fourth round and it was kinda early but this year is going to be a big comeback year for us and we are going to try to win it all.”

Next athlete I got to talk to was SOPH. Wade Francfort and he had to say, “I am really excited to get back onto the field and to play with my friends and hopefully I will be able to perform good enough to make varsity.”

The final athlete I interviewed was JR. Stunt Member, Grace Johnson, “I’m excited to get back to cheer and to get back to the team’s winning streak again, we have a very strong team with a great bond and I believe we can win states again this year.”

The spring 2023 athletes have spoken and they are all ready to take the field to their respected sports. We wish the best of luck to all the Green Level athletes for this upcoming season.