What You Need to Know about Gator Fest


N. Spells

Gators hang up posters for the upcoming Gator Fest.

Gator Fest is coming up!

Since Green Level won’t have a graduating class until 2022, our first Homecoming is still several years away. But our student body will still have a chance to celebrate fall sports and school spirit with a game and a dance. Gator Fest will include spirit days, volleybros, a Friday night football game, and a post-game dance party. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Spirit Days

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist

Wednesday: Jersey Day

Thursday: Spirit Wear

Friday: No School


Monday: None

Tuesday: None 

Wednesday: Soccer Game and Volleybros

Thursday: Pep Rally

Friday: White Out Football Game and Stadium Dance Party

For more information about any of the spirit days or events, be sure to check posters around the school and follow the Green Level social media accounts.