What is the “Coastal Grandma” Style?


M. Ford

The “Coasta Grandma” style is currently trending on TikTok.

The “coastal grandma” style rose in popularity over TikTok. The basics of the new style consist of classics, like pearls, seaside-inspired furniture, and a summer year-round aesthetic. But let’s take a deeper look at the style; what is the “coastal grandma” style?

How did “coastal grandma” become so popular? TikToker Lex Nicoleta coined the name “coastal grandma.” She describes this aesthetic as “classic and timeless.” The style is a quiet and simple, cozy vibe. 

Let’s start with the fashion side of the style. Coastal grandma revolves around the idea of casual, but classy. Some basics for the style include gold and pearl jewelry, crochet accessories, and sunglasses with every outfit. The style also uses classic pieces, like sailor sweaters and linen clothing.  

Looking at the interior design aspect of the style, there are a couple of necessities. First, there are natural materials that make up the furniture. For example, wicker couches and simple wood coffee tables. Next, the room has natural colors. Couches and curtains have neutral colors. Because the style is seaside-inspired, accent pillows and trinkets add pops of color that aren’t too harsh (ex. baby blue) Lastly, plants are a huge part of the decoration in these homes. Living rooms have a variety of flowers. There are large house plants that create dimension as well. The decorations in these homes are quiet and cozy. 

Overall, the “coastal grandma” style is a calm, cozy style that you may hve seen trending. Do you like the “coastal grandma” style?