Paramore is back after 5 years. How has their music changed?


Hayley Williams helped create Paramore roughly twenty years ago. Through her solo albums, band collaborations, and charisma she has grown into a towering pop-punk cultural presence both within the group and on her own. 

On Friday, February 10th Paramore released their sixth album “This is Why.” The album is jam-packed with references to their earlier work, creating a diverse yet nostalgic vibe. The first song on the album and the title track of This Is Why outline the band’s philosophy by criticizing society’s lack of empathy and our tendency to hold onto our beliefs. Follow-up singles “The News” and “C’est Comme a” expand on this theme as well. The band’s early tracks, as well as the entire album, has a danceable, punk edge that helps them penetrate the weight of their topics to listeners. 

While there are no skips on the album, there are a few I would like to point out. Lair, Thick Skull, and Running Out Of Time are arguably the ones to stand out to listeners. 

Track #8 Liar is one of the group’s most emotionally mature and self-aware.

The track reflects the initial anxiety and fear Hayley had after realizing she has real feelings for Taylor York (guitarist). 

This is Why is available on all platforms, and we highly recommend that everyone checks it out!