Smog Choking Delhi, India

In November, India’s capital Delhi faced its worst experience with smog and hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Almost 18 million people suffered due to the dangerous pollution in Delhi. On November 4th, 2019, the city reached level 553 on the PM2.5 scale. This means that there are so many deadly particles in the air, which affects everyone in the town. This is not new for Delhi because they usually have record level smog every year. The reason is that farmers are burning crops, cars, consuming too many natural resources, usage of transportations, and temperature in the city being low. So the smog not only effects them, it is affecting everyone, especially kids, who have to wear facemasks now to school. Due to this record level smog, people who are old or people who have breathing complications are struggling due to the air being unbreathable. Also, this hazardous air is causing people to get lung cancers, pulmonary disease, stroke, heart disease, and other diseases relating to breathing and the heart

To see what Green Level thinks about this event, I interviewed Kalyan Devireddy. Kalyan Devireddy said that the leading cause for these incidents is cars and other transportation that give off emissions. He said this possible for this event to happen in The US too because many people use a car, so it is possible for a dangerous smog in the US.

To stop these events, the government of Dehli wants people to use fewer cars and burn less natural resources. So everyone in the world must follow these guidelines, so this incident doesn’t occur in the place they live in.