Is Thanksgiving Overlooked

During this time, it’s common for you to drive down streets or walk by houses embellished in Christmas and holiday decorations, but why before Thanksgiving? This is because Thanksgiving is overlooked.

Thanksgiving is overlooked because of Christmas excitement, but Thanksgiving has so many good intentions that aren’t spread because of the lack of talk or prep for it. Although most of us have the traditional Thanksgiving meal with family, we truly don’t get to grasp the understanding of Thanksgiving because Christmas is already peeping in.

Our students have varying mindsets. I interviewed several and asked them, “Is Thanksgiving overlooked?” and “when you celebrate thanksgiving, are you thinking of why you’re actually celebrating it, such as what you’re thankful for?”

Macy Zadiets, class of 2023, agrees the holiday is overlooked, saying, “I think it is overlooked and I’m honestly guilty of it, honestly, my house is already decorated [for christmas]. I wish I didn’t do that but I can’t help it, I love Thanksgiving, and I do wish it wasn’t overlooked.” She added, “I’m just eating and spending time with family. I wish I didn’t do that, I wish I thought about [the meaning of the holiday], it’s just really hard because you see your family and the parade, and not really thinking too hard about what Thanksgiving is truly about.”

Although most of our students agreed, we had a couple opposing viewpoints, such as Zach Mansfield. His response to my question simply was, “No, not really, we get a lot of time off for it, it’s a pretty big holiday.” Colton Wade shares, “I think people celebrate Christmas too early, but celebrate Thanksgiving at the same time. A lot of people consider Thanksgiving a time to start decorating for the holidays.” 

To all the people who decorate early, is this article enough to postpone your decorating to the month of December? Get in touch and share your thoughts!