Snap or Insta?

A common question asked by many people is “What do you like more, Snapchat or Instagram?” Although views on this topic are mixed, I think I can persuade you that Instagram is MUCH better than Snapchat.

I admit that each app has its positives and negatives. Both apps are a great way to communicate with friends and family, and there are some upsides to Snapchat: you can take pictures and save them to your account so if you break or lose your phone all the pictures taken on your Snapchat account will be saved because Snapchat saves them for you. 

But something that I don’t like about Snapchat is the fact that people can see your location if they are friends with you. On Snapchat, messages disappear after a certain amount of time. 

Something I like about Instagram is the fact that you can make posts with captions that stay on your account unless you delete/archive them. I also liked the fact that you have much more privacy on instagram. If you want to regulate the amount of people on your account you can simply make it private and anyone that wants to follow you will have to request to do so. Instagram does the same thing as Snapchat does, but more, because of the personalized feed you get and the ability to toggle between multiple accounts if you have more than one.

I surveyed 156 Green Level students and 104 of them chose Instagram while 47 chose Snapchat (admittedly, this survey is slightly biased because it was posted on the Gator’s Eye Instagram account). I also interviewed two Green Level students who had opposing views on the topic. Carter Cassius said he liked Instagram more because, ‘”Snapchat is unnecessary and is for delinquents.” Grayson Cummings told me that he liked Snapchat more because it makes communication easier than Instagram.

I agree with Cassius. But you can still weigh in. Is Snapchat or Instagram better? Tell us what you think.