It’s 2020: Let’s Change The Environment for the Better

2020 is here. Obviously, we have seen so much global warming, air pollution, urban trash, and deforestation, and we are hoping to change this. Starting in 2019 and still seen today in January 2020, we have seen Australian forest fires, Amazon rainforest fires, and more likely to be coming soon if we continue treating our earth badly. However, there have already been some plans and goals to be achieved in 2020 by many people. 

Here are some popular goals and steps we can commit to …

Air Quality

In places like India, China, Turkey, and South Africa, the air is very low as seen by aqicn we can see the numbers lying around 200 to 1000, but an index of 100 itself is pretty bad for a place. To help the quality, we can drive combustion engine vehicles less and use more environmentally friendly cars like Tesla. 

Trash and Waste

In the Pacific Ocean, there is an area of trash called the “Great Garbage Patch,” which can have a lot of consequences especially if fish eat the small debris that is seen there. Even though the trash is not biodegradable and break down into tinier pieces, we can still send ships and services there to help preserve sea life. Ozone Depletion and Global Warming

Ozone Depletion

Even though environmental acts like the planting of 20 million trees by Mr. Beast can help (you can learn more about Mr. Beast by checking out our article on him) we simply don’t have enough land to plant trees to help absorb the carbon dioxide levels from the ozone. This is partly because of increased ocean levels and we do not have many glaciers in the north left. There are a lot of environmentalists and companies planning prototypes to help the problem. 

For more information on trash, waste, and ozone depletion, check FastCompany.

Along with everyone else, let’s take some action and help the environment in 2020. If we do not, who knows what could happen in the generations to come. Green Level HS has the capability to help the environment in Cary and can be leaders for other schools today.