Our Education System Needs Change

For seven hours a day for five days a week, you go to school. You spend extra time at home doing homework while making time for your extracurriculars. Not only can one’s sleep be impacted, but so can their mental health. This is not how school should be. 

Everyone expects students to maintain good mental and physical health as well as participate in extracurriculars and get good grades. If you are spending two to three hours doing homework, you can’t accomplish everything else you want to do without hurting yourself.

There are many problems associated with the education system, and they range from small to big. As theedadvocate describes, some of the many issues include lack of diversity in gifted programs, irresponsible school spending, nationwide college-gender gap, and even safety issues. There is always room for improvement, but are these issues being correctly addressed?

Proper education should be preparing students for real-life skills they might have to possess to perform a certain job in the future. Instead, students are forced to cram information, getting tested on their memorization and are getting judged by their test scores. In the future, they might encounter an issue that they never had before because they never learned it. The traditional classroom won’t teach students the vital skills they need to perform in adult life.

A student who wanted to remain anonymous at Green Level High School says, “I realized that all I care about is grades now. I don’t have time to learn about things that interest me outside of school. Although I do develop some useful skills, they still aren’t enough to succeed in the future. Grades only reflect what we learn, and after I learn the material for a class and get a good grade for it, I forget most of the information that was taught to me. With homework and extracurriculars, it’s hard to get a solid eight hours of sleep every night, showing that our education system needs some work.”

Based on this student’s statement, you could see how our education system impacts our everyday lives, and not in a good way. Students barely have time for themselves anymore and that can make major impacts on their health and wellbeing.