The Weekly Rec


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Asst. Editor-in-Chief A. Guo gives some suggestions on how to spend your quarantine time.

Social distancing provides us all with the perfect time to catch up on all the movies you wanted to watch, start getting back into an old hobby, or make some time to get in shape. No matter what the situation is, there are plenty of things you can do to stay safe and still be entertained. Below are some books, activities, and more that I think are worth a try.

Books: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Currently, I have been re-reading the Harry Potter series and it has been quite a spectacular time. If you haven’t read the books before or watched the movies, they are about a boy named Harry Potter who attends a wizarding school with friends Ron and Hermione and goes on massive adventures to fight against a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort. The author, J.K. Rowling, allows you to be completely immersed in a magical world she’s created from her own head. The books are fun, imaginative, and if you haven’t read them yet, then you should.


Album: Kid Krow by Conan Gray

This indie-pop album is a debut from Conan Gray, a former YouTube star from Texas. The tracklist is packed with Gen Z vibes and includes the Tik Tok famous track, “Maniac”, which I’m sure many of you have heard before from previous quarantine time. The two songs “Wish You Were Sober” and “Heather” are personal favorites. “Wish You Were Sober” makes you wanna jump up and dance with its upbeat production and “Heather,” tells you to melt on the floor and cry. Gray’s record feels nostalgic and lonely, just as Teen Vogue says, he is “the pop prince of sad internet teens”.


TV Show/Movies: Terrace House 

Terrace House is a heartwarming Japanese reality series that stars three young girls and three young boys who all become housemates. Unlike American reality, Terrace House is rather calming and has a lack of drama. The show follows the day-to-day lives of different human beings in their natural and honest personalities, something which is rare to spot on television. Along with the housemates, the show has six commentators who comment on, joke about, and discuss the footage every 10 or so minutes. Quite honestly, this show was a bit boring when I first started watching, but after a few episodes, I found myself deciphering the different housemates’ morals, characteristics, values, and personalities along with the commentators. It’s a very addictive and peaceful show to slow your day down during such an unnerving time.


Favorite Dish/Dessert: Bread

Simple, impressive, and delicious are words I would use to describe the process and result of baking bread. Bread is filling and a great option for all three meals, snack and even dessert. It also comes in both flavors of sweet and savory, and you can pair it with almost any food. What more could you ask for?


Activities: Recording the Time

This can mean a large variety of things: recording your day’s events in a diary, writing your emotions into a song or poem, filming a vlog, taking a few pictures, creating an art piece to send a message, and countless others. There’s plenty of ways to record the time we are all currently experiencing, and it is a good way to help you remember what you did during these weeks in fifty years. It can also help relieve stress and anxiety, and calm you down. 


Those are a few of the ways I have been spending my past two weeks at home, and I hope they can help you in some way. If you try out any of these things, please contact the Gator’s Eye with the contact link below.