Which Second Semester Plan Is Best For Us?


Courtesy of Green Level High School

Should students return to school next semester?

With the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year coming to a close, you might be wondering whether or not to sign up for Virtual Academy again next semester. With all of the uncertainties, who can really tell which is the best option? 

I for one, will be continuing on with virtual academy, as it seems to work well for me. I also do not want to put the rest of my family at risk with the possibility of contracting the virus during in person classes. But for those who cannot learn in a home environment, like we have been forced to do all year, the dilemma is much different. Should they risk their grades, education, and future careers? Or their family’s lives? 

Fortunately, the school board can sometimes make decisions for us. With the possibility of extending the requirement of virtual schooling, many are gearing up for a second semester of the same struggles at home. Others, hopeful that this new vaccine might help in time or that the board will allow masks and social distancing to be our defense against the virus, are hopeful to get back into some kind of normal regarding school. 

In my opinion, schools should be virtual until there is a permanent solution to the threat of COVID-19, as the spread of the disease could cause many deaths. Even now, COVID-19 has already been seen at Green Level. Despite the precautions and lack of students present, teachers are already at risk. Therefore, are a couple of bad grades really worth the possibility of death by virus? 

Furthermore, the bad grades wouldn’t impact your college future as much as it would if school was in person. Admissions officers will understand circumstances- they’re also experiencing the harsh side effects of COVID-19 precautions. 

Please stay safe this next semester, and hopefully we’ll be able to return to school safely and without the looming presence of the Coronavirus. To be able to safely return to school, please remember to wear your masks, and social distance as much as possible!