Hobbies of Green Level Gators


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What have the gators been up to?

Many Gators have been super bored during quarantine, so I interviewed a few students to see if they have adopted any new hobbies to pass the time.


Meg Wilson, class of 22’ said that because of the pandemic she has learned yoga. She says, “Yoga helps me clear my mind and helps me calm down when I’m stressed.” Like Wilson, Sophomore Helen Molina says that she started doing many things including skateboarding, running, and yoga. “They all bring me joy, maybe except when I’m in the middle of dying while I’m trying to run.” Many people I interviewed obtained hobbies that had to do with physical health. Chayse, class of 23’ said “I have worked on some of my old hobbies like singing, running, and art, while adding new ones like cooking, reading, mediation and roller skating all during quarantine.” Chayse, being an outgoing person already, had some hobbies before Covid and decided that he wanted to be more productive and have more fun. 


Some Gators have found hobbies that appeal to them, but others haven’t. You might be wondering, how do I find a hobby that I actually enjoy? Well according to futurelearn.com you shouldn’t just choose something random from a list, you should think of things you like to do. Questions like, “Are you a creative person or do you prefer being active?” are really important because you want to choose something that isn’t going to seem like a chore. You should also be thinking about your goals. Could your hobby help reach that goal? If you are interested in looking for some examples that might appeal to you, Future Learn has around 40 for you to explore! 


A few more Gators have found their hobbies recently. Kaitlyn, class of 23’ says that a hobby she picked up was baking. “I used to bake but not like I do now, baking is something that I love doing because you follow the instructions and a recipe, which makes it easy, it relieves my boredom very quickly too which is always good, since we have so much time now a days.” Baking is a great hobby to pick up if you want to try something new, it’s fun and generally inexpensive. Other Gators like Sophomores Avery Hoch, Janie Blewett, and Ella Salvaggio have adopted a hobby that is a bit more expensive, online shopping. I think we are all guilty for looking on our favorite sites, picking out things we love and putting them in our carts, and hitting that oh so bold button “place order.” Although it is not the best hobby to choose from it does bring you a great feeling when those items show up at your door.


You might be thinking, why is it important to find a hobby? Having a hobby that brings you joy can enrich your life. It gives us something to do and look forward to. It also creates an opportunity to learn new skills.


What if your hobby could bring you a source of income? One Gator I interviewed has turned her hobby into a job she enjoys! Julia Gupta class of 23’ has a nail business. It recently got off its feet and she is still dabbling in the website portion of it, but she does have an Etsy page. She has already gotten quite a few orders!  “I didn’t expect it to make me money but I have zero complaints that it is.” Could you be the next Gator to turn your hobby into your job?


Finding something to do can be so important, so If you read this article I hope you found some things that might interest you, and let’s hope for the sake of your wallet it isn’t online shopping!