Singles of the Week

Brockhampton – BUZZCUT (feat. Danny Brown) Brockhampton hasn’t always been known for collaborating with experimental artists. Aside from their project in 2018, Iridescence, they’ve been known for their upbeat and hoppy songs. However, with their latest song they’re taking a bit of a different approach collaborating with Danny Brown. Danny’s nasally rapping combines well with the tempoed beats from Brockhammpton. Overall I thought that this was an exciting song and was entertaining. (7/10)

IDK – Just Like Martin It’s safe to say that IDK has become a trap veteran over the past few years. Although he hasn’t hit the same stardom as some of his peers, that is because of anything but skill. He is lyrically proficient and never fails to make classic bangers. Aside from this skill set, he also is an incredibly versatile singer and can write slower more thought out songs. All this while teaching a music class at Harvard? What can’t he do? This up-beat song with heavy bass lines makes a great song to play in the car. (8/10)

Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) I’ve felt for the longest time that Lil Nas is on the cusp of becoming a prominent artist. With his 2019 ep, 7 EP, being such a  success I knew it was only a matter of time. Although he is often seen as the Old Town Road guy, he is much more versatile than what was displayed in that song. Not only is he a skilled rapper but he is just as skilled at singing and having complex rhyme schemes. I was very happy about this surprise track. (8/10)