Connectivity Crisis


Student’s have mixed feelings about Gator Time connectivity. Graphic by L. Willis.

The first rotation of clubs is almost over! But as students have adjusted to the new schedule, they’ve also faced new concerns. Green Level has over 400 clubs to choose from. The problem is, how many clubs is too much? What if all of the clubs you want to do are meeting on the same day? Is 30 minutes too little time to meet? This is causing a connectivity crisis.

Gator Time is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but it is causing stress on students. Since AllTimely has not been up and running, clubs have been first come first serve. Once that door shuts, you’re out of luck. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety on students. 

Many students have had the door shut in their faces. Ruth Girgis says, “It was pretty frustrating when I couldn’t get into the club that I wanted. It was unorganized and I feel like it could’ve been better.” 

Another problem is what if students want to do more than one club, but their meetings are all on the same day? This is an issue and is limiting students to choose between clubs. And what about 30 minutes? Is it enough time to get things done? For many students, it’s not. Claire Nestor says, “For me personally, it isn’t enough time.” Other students think it is enough time, but it depends on your club. 

Green Level has the right idea, but the wrong execution. Gator Time needs to be more organized and just better overall. Hopefully with Alltimely back up next week, these problems will be resolved soon.