A Costume for Every Letter


Graphic made by A. Guo

Here are some ideas for Spirit Week!

If you are planning on following the official spirit week dressings, here are some ideas for Thursday’s prompt: dressing as something that starts with the first letter of your name.


A for Anthony Fauci

Have you followed the legend’s fan page yet?


B for Butterfly

You could even make this a pun. Dress up as a stick of butter with wings. Haha, get it? Butter. Fly.


C for Cruella deVille

What’s better than an excuse to buy a fantastic wig?


D for Danisnotonfire

A throwback, right?


E for Elon Musk

Bring a doll with a weird name while you’re at it.


F for Fairy

Dress up as the Disney, Rainbow Magic, or Winx Fairies with your friend group.


G for Gator

To continue the school spirit… three out of five days!


H for Howl

Be the 2D man TikTok cannot stop simping for.


I for Isabel Hartley

You may not recognize the name, but it’s Bella from H2O! Your favorite childhood mermaid show.


J for Jo March

If you wanna go cottagecore.


K for Kermit the Frog

Bring some warm Lipton tea to sip on throughout the day.


L for Lara Jean Song Covey

Get some cute vintage fits to pair with a box of letters.


M for Mrs. Summers

The best principal.


N for Nick Miller

All you need is a flannel shirt and jeans OR a bathrobe to be the writer from New Girl.


O for Otis

Another reason to watch (or rewatach) the Netflix show Sex Education.


P for Perry the Platypus

The best character from Phineas and Ferb.


Q for the Queen of Hearts

Wear the coolest blue eyeshadow and embrace your ego.


R for Radio Rebel

Be the MORP queen.


S for Sae-beyok

Be the reason why half of us watched Squid Game.


T for TikToker

Best last minute costume. All it requires is Athleisure and an iced coffee from Dunkin’.


U for Ursula

An actual drag queen inspired look.


V for Violet Beauregarde

Bring some gum to chew, but maybe don’t stick it behind your ear.


W for Winnie the Pooh

The first bear to wear a crop top.


X for X-Factor Contestant

Cause what else starts with X?


Y for Yoda

Photo op to match with the Baby Yodas in Mr. Kesterson’s room!


Z for Zuko

Represent the better Avatar.

As a final tip and friendly reminder, let’s avoid cultural appropriation and/or offensive costumes. Not too much to ask for, right?