New York Fashion Week- Best Looks

On September 9th, New York Fashion week began. This 6-day marathon was one to remember. Many different designers, including LoveShackFancy, Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Area were featured. Big names like Kim Kardashian, Travis Barker, and Natalia Dyer were spotted wearing these known designers.

My personal favorite is LoveShackFancy. Their “cottage core” vibe is not so cottage core anymore; Cohen is starting to include a “Y2K vintage” look.

Another personal favorite is Fendi. Their 2023 Spring Collection included lots of light-colored whites and greys paired with long coats with swirl designs of black and brown.

Kate Viegas says “I like the street style because of the blazers and pants, and I think it’s a unique type of fashion.” Another student says, “I loved that Tate McRae’s outfit during New York fashion week because it was simple but still cool. I also love the addition of the buckles.”