The Core Five: Behind the Scenes of the Gator Goonies


L. Waters

The 2022-2023 school year core Goonie leaders all together. Audrey Ericksen, Lauren Waters, Olivia Jane Holmes, Corey Meehan and Scott Sabol.

L. Eggers, Staff Writer

If people were to ask a student here at Green Level who leads our student sections, the answer would be easy: the Gator Goonies. They are the ones who make the student sections great. Although pretty much anyone could try to become a “Goonie Associate”, not everyone can become one of the Main Goonies leaders. This year, the senior core Goonies are Audrey Ericksen, Lauren Waters, Olivia Jane Holmes, and Scott Sabol. Along with the seniors, there is also a junior in the core five this year, that junior being Corey Meehan. Each and every one of these core Goonies put so much time into this job to make sure that every team is recognized and every game is packed with students cheering the players on.

The job seems pretty easy when you are looking at it from the outside but on the inside, it takes hours and hours of work. Seniors Ericksen and Waters explain, “Goonies come first over school (but not basketball).”

One of the big things that the Goonies do when leading games are the chants. Without the chants, our games just simply wouldn’t be the same. They use chants from previous years and chants that they have learned over the years to build energy and school spirit. “We have always been very involved with going to the athletic events and any game in general so we just know what to chant,” says Ericksen.

The new Goonie leaders are selected normally due to their high involvement in school spirit. If you want to try to become a Goonie leader as well, try to come out to as many sports as possible and ALWAYS follow the themes. But you always need to remember, “be loud or go sit with your mom!”