Lady Gators: Wrestling Their Way Into Making History


B. Benzing, Staff Writer

Green Level is making history with our very own women’s wrestling team, consisting of nine female wrestlers. I was able to sit down and talk to two of the main women’s wrestlers, Lily Silvera and Aastha Shah, for an interview expressing their excitement for the upcoming season. 


With this being the first year that there is an official women’s wrestling team, how do you feel about the upcoming season and what are you most excited about?

“I’m really excited about all the girls that came to tryouts and how motivated they are to get better and try this new sport that most of the girls have never done before.”-Lily Silvera 

“I’m really excited for the upcoming season, not only for the matches and actual wrestling part of the season but because it’s new and it’s historic. I am new to wrestling but I think that we are going to be a really good wrestling team and I am excited to see what comes next.” -Aastha Shah 


What made you decide to join the Green Level wrestling team?

“I wrestled back home and knowing that wrestling isn’t as big here in North Carolina, my goal was to start a new team at Green Level. When I met with Coach Fegeley to discuss the idea for a new team and it had gotten sanctioned, it was really exciting for me.” -Lily Silvera 

“I was a gymnast and lift so I am pretty strong and I also wanted to try something new which led me to my decision of trying out for wrestling.” -Aastha Shah


Have you participated in wrestling before? If so what do you think you can improve on?

I participated on the wrestling team last year and it is a very physically demanding sport that involves a lot of moving around. I think I can work better on a lot of my mental mindset and my physical health because this sport requires us to not only move around a lot but you also have to do a lot of aggressive movements that test your flexibility.” -Lily Silvera 

I have never wrestled before so I am still learning and it is going to be a learning process but  improving on technique and form would be my two main goals for the upcoming season.” -Aastha Shah


What do you hope to gain from this season? More hype/student support/more recognition?

“I heard a lot of people get excited about having a women’s team and having that student support and more recognition would be really exciting. This year is a really good year for us and I know the team would appreciate hearing students spread positive motivation to us.” -Lily Silvera 

“Women’s wrestling would appreciate more student support and recognition. Hopefully leading to more women joining the wrestling team next year.” -Aastha Shah


What do you think having women’s wrestling will do for women’s athletics in general?

“Since women’s wrestling is a big and growing sport I think it is important to have it in every school because it will help others understand that women are capable too and women don’t have to just play sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball that are generally for women.” -Lily Silvera 

“I believe that having a women’s wrestling team will encourage more women to participate in women’s athletics. Seeing women doing sports that are generally male-dominated will be good for women’s athletics and encourage more participation.” -Aastha Shah


For more information about how to join Green Level’s very own women’s wrestling team, contact Coach Kovach at [email protected] OR Coach Fegeley at [email protected] for more information.