48,500-Year-Old “Zombie Virus” Found in Russia!


A “Zombie Virus” has been found in Russia.

Is this it? Are we finally at the point of the world being overtaken by zombies? Is the apocalypse here? Well… not really.

Recently, Scientists have found an ancient virus that is dated to be around 48,500 years old. It was discovered in the depths of a frozen lake in the Siberian region of Russia, which has now coined the term “Zombie Virus.” Due to the issue of global warming, there has been a common occurrence of Tundra regions warming up and glaciers melting which as a result; new potential pathogens are being discovered, and have been proven to be a future public health concern.

Jean-Michel Claverie, a co-author of the study and an emeritus professor of virology at Aix-Marseille Université in France says, “Every time we look, we will find a virus, It’s a done deal. We know that every time we’re going to look for viruses, infectious viruses in permafrost, we are going to find some.”

It has also been stated by the researchers that there was a risk that the virus could spread to humans and animals, but not to the point of seeing crowds of dead people on the streets as many social media platforms have exaggerated with memes and sarcasm. However, there have been different responses to the situation, many people think that the scientists have made a mistake in taking samples of the virus to the laboratory inciting panic that we might go through another pandemic if there was a slight mistake.