Student Athletes Preparation for the Spring Season



Different sports prepare for their season in different ways.

Andrew Eggers, Staff Writer

Now that the fall season is over and the winter season is underway, spring season athletes must begin to prepare for their season come February. With some very impressive performances by teams in the past spring season, like the Stunt team winning states, the Men’s Golf team making states, the Men’s lacrosse making a deep run in the state playoffs, and the Men’s baseball team having a playoff appearance, expectations will be high.

Every player/athlete has a different way they prepare, but each sport also has different ways that you need to prepare. I got to talk to three athletes that play three sports in the spring season to see how they prepare for the season.

Quin Covington, a sophomore and a member of the Men’s golf team: ¨Practice every day, I go to the range, putt, chip, gotta eat right. I also go to the gym to work on my strength and to stay fit. In golf matches, we do a lot of walking so you gotta be ready¨

Myles Berger, a junior and a member of the Men’s Varsity Lacrosse team: ¨I hit the gym daily and work on my agility training as well as working on hydration and nutrition¨

Wade Francfort, who is a sophomore and a member of the JV Baseball team: ¨I go to the weight room with the team to get stronger and then hit the batting cages after school to keep my game elevated¨

Even though some might say the way that most prepare is the same, the way you prepare for sports can be very different depending on which sport you play. Spring athletes, we hope the best for you and are excited to have another great season.