Over $250,000 Was Raised For Mental Health In A Esports Tournament



Trust In Rust promotional image.

Over a quarter of a million dollars was raised for Rise Above The Disorder (RAD). RAD is a non-profit organization that provides anyone regardless of their health insurance or financial situation mental health care. “We help people regardless of health insurance or budget, because everyone deserves mental health care.” – RAD

RAD also has a system set up for live steam fundraisers. Many steamers such as Nikki, Sweet Anita, and Miko made a fundraiser steam and managed to raise money for RAD. 

What Is Trust In Rust?

Trust in Rust is a creator event by hJune and Rustoria to bring the Rust community together and raise money for a charity. They hosted this event a total of 4 times and the first time was for Covid-19 relief. The rest of the 3 times were for RAD. 

The money they hoped to raise was $100,000 but the Rust community went beyond that and raised a total of $274,840.

How Does Trust In Rust Work?

The event was hosted by hJune and Willjum, another Rust content creator. It had over 300 Rust creators and over 40 teams. The event has a total of 3 phases, and the objective is to get as many points as you can. You can get points by doing objectives, destroying other team’s tool cupboard, and killing other players. Within the build phase, players have 60 minutes to farm resources for their base, find a location to build, and craft the weapons they will need for the next coming phases. During the build phase, players can’t kill opposing enemies. Next up is the PVP or attack phase, players could no longer build or add anything to their base however as the name implies, players can now go out to kill other players to get points for their team. There are also other ways to get points for their team by doing objectives such as taking down Bradley or the Attack Heli. They also add a system similar to king of the hill, where hard points will be placed around the map and players who are on it for 30 seconds will get points for their team. This phase lasts for 45 minutes and after it is the raid phase. The raid phase is the most important phase due to players possibly being eliminated. If your tool cupboard gets destroyed you are eliminated from the tournament. A tool cupboard or TC is basically the heart of every base. The tool cupboard prevents your base from decaying and prevents other players from building on your base and close to it. But in the tournament, if it gets broken you get eliminated and the team who destroyed it gets points.

The team that won was OMAIGAD and they had 745 points. They interviewed a member of the team and when asked what their game plan was, he replied “I am the builder so, I can give you a little bit on the inside. We played this exact map on Base Invaders on Wednesday so we already kinda knew what was going on and we lived in a similar location. So we saw multiple bases build up around hardcore and we basically build our base in the middle, it’s an online tactic so you can get raided by multiple teams which we did.

The videos below are the full live steam and the shortened video of the live steam.

Even though it was a tournament, and team OMAIGAD did win the focus wasn’t on the tournament but rather on raising money for mental health.