The Sophomores Will Take Gator Fest

As we approach the last week of October, posters, calendar events, and social media around Green Level High School all seem to be promoting GatorFest. Gator Fest is Green Level’s spirit week, leading up to a football game against Panther Creek High School on Friday, November 1st. 

In addition to the events and game, the week also contains a competition among grade levels for who has more school spirit. During a designated class period, teacher will mark the amount of people who have dressed up according to the day’s theme for each grade level. At the end of the week, the grade level with the most tallies will end win the competition and earn a special prize. Here’s why the Class of 2022 are going to be the ones holding the title of the first ever spirit week winners:

First off, “We are more passionate and experienced, because we are more used to high school,” Rhea Pimenta, Green Level Sophomore, says. What Pimenta says about experience is factual, as all the Sophomores have been in high school for a year more than Freshman. Many Sophomores have been through spirit and homecoming weeks similar to Gator Fest at other schools.

School spirit comes from the energy and the sense of community within a school. This builds on Pimenta’s observation, as lots of Sophomore actually come from being Freshmen at  Panther Creek, and feel a sense of rivalry with the school. This makes for higher energy, and other Sophomores like Arriana Jones agree. “We’re going to win because we are more fun and lively,” she says.

Lastly, students (both Freshman and Sophomore) would agree as a general rule that the Sophomores have more school spirit. An online Instagram poll shows that out of 58 votes, 62% of respondents agree that Sophomores are the most spirited.  See Freshman? Even you know we’re going to win.

The Gator’s Eye hopes to see you dressing up during spirit week to support your grade level (and I hope you’re preparing for the win of the Sophomores!).