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Photo by Anna Pou :

Do Green Level Students Like the Homecoming Theme?

As the 2023 Homecoming dance approaches many students prepare for the big event, being one of the two formal dances the school hosts. Many are excited, buying clothes for the date, and preparing their dinner plans with friends. 

Yet some things are different this year. For one, while it was announced that ticket limits would be removed this year (a problem last year, as tickets sold out multiple times), the guest system of letting those who don’t go to Green Level in was not continued, meaning if you’re not a student who goes to the school, you’re not allowed in. However, more importantly for many GL students was the announcement that the event would be taking place in the gym rather than the cafeteria like last year, and, more so, that the event would be a sneaker ball—no formal footwear—a controversial decision to say the least.

We wanted to see what the students thought of this, the fact non-students can’t get in, the sneaker ball and homecoming last year versus how it will go this year. On last year’s homecoming, Senior Alezandra Dmello said

“Last year’s homecoming was not the best because there was barely any food, the lines to get in were so long and the lights were on the whole time making it awkward. I hope these things will be fixed in this homecoming.”

On the upcoming homecoming she had this to say:

“I don’t like the idea of a sneaker ball. As someone who likes to dress up, I feel like wearing sneakers to a more formal event does not go with it. We only have two formal events at Green Level every year, hoco and prom. And they are opportunities to dress up, not dress down. I understand that it’s in the gym but feel it’s just weird to wear sneakers with formal attire. I plan to not stay for super long and am only going because it’s my senior year.”

That seems to be the general consensus amongst seniors who are going. Many seem to be going because of the simple fact its their senior year and for tradition’s sake, but aside from that, many (especially the more fashionably-minded students,) aren’t too thrilled about the sneaker ball.

One of the more interesting things about this homecoming is how, well, no one will be coming home. The ban on non-students goes as far as to keep graduated alumni from the dance as well. While this isn’t a huge deal for some (especially with how little alumni went last year), many who were trying to get in are upset with the decision. One such story occurred with an anonymous senior girl who tried to bring an alumni in but was blocked from doing so. She had this to say about the situation:

“When the homecoming dance date was announced, I was so excited to be able to bring my boyfriend who graduated from Green Level last year. I was hanging out with him one weekend and casually invited him to the dance, so we had already started making plans when the school announced that only Green Level students were allowed to go. I tried to ask admin if there was any way I could bring him, but they refused. We can’t even go to dinner beforehand because he lives at college and I would have to drive him back to NC State and then return to Green Level before the dance starts. It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing I can do now. I just find it so bizarre that you can’t bring alumni to hoco, which I thought was the whole point of hoco!”

With all these controversial decisions for the dance, we wanted to see what one of the people running it thought. Mr. Rodgers, math teacher, and women’s golf coach, helped with the homecoming board. On his general thoughts about homecoming he said: 

“I’m excited, I think we learned a lot of things from last year and I think this year will be even better, working with.”

Overall, the Green Level 2023 Homecoming has some new, yet controversial choices being made that not everyone is happy about, from the banning of non-students to the sneaker ball. Yet the dance will roll on, and we’ll just have to see how it all turns out this weekend!

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