Artists Alley This Friday

Artist’s Alley This Friday

Each year, the National Art Honor Society at Green Level puts together a market called the Artist’s Alley, a place where student artists can showcase and sell some of their arts and crafts, helping to raise money for the visual arts department. This year is the 2nd time the event has been hosted and it will be held this Friday, December 8th from 6-8:30pm, both before and after the winter chorus concert! 

During an interview with one of the NAHS presidents, Ximena, she explained the way the event works each year: “At the second annual Artist’s Alley, there’s going to be many different media represented and sold, from crochet to paintings to stickers. Along with that, National Art Honor Society is taking part by selling jewelry. This year’s event has been in the making for a couple of months, and we are very excited that the day has finally come!” 

Now, here is a sneak peek at some of the artists to expect this Friday:

  • Jayden Lee with prints, stickers, and bees
  • Dev with prints and paintings
  • Ariel Zhang with Chinese paintings and trinkets
  • Prints and dolls by “vzLin”
  • Kit with earrings, chokers, and hair clips
  • Prints, stickers, and bracelets by Regan Mozolak
  • Crochet animals by Cassie Barello
  • Henna offered by Aleena Sebastian 
  • Handmade cards, canvases, and jewelry by Tanmayi Panasa
  • Prints and mixed media art by Finn
  • Cookie decorating with GLHS club, Baking for a Benefit
  • Silly bingus posters
  • Aimee Fazio with fairy hair, paintings, bookmarks, and candles
  • Sibhi Govindaswamy with laser engraved wooden decorations, custom drawing machine, and 3D printed Christmas ornaments
  • Dhara with landscape paintings
  • Flowers, key and original paintings by Cove Kollbach

We also asked some artists about their thoughts on it. Regan Mozalak, who will be selling prints, stickers, and bracelets, said “I’m super excited for it, it’s a great event. Super awesome people make the whole experience full of variety in art!”

There are a couple more artists that will be participating in the Artist’s Alley that are offering more drawings and earrings! Not only that, but the National Art Honor Society will also be selling bead jewelry, and all funds will go towards the visual arts department! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Ximena MoralesKazuno ([email protected]) or Hannah Katragadda ([email protected])! 


If you are interested in any more similar events offered by National Art Honor Society at Green Level high school, co-president Ximena explained, “The annual Art Market, which takes place in April, is our next big art-selling event. There, art from student-artists is displayed and bidded on!”

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