What Even is Tech Week?

If you know anyone involved in Theatre Arts, specifically the spring musical, you might have heard them talk about something known as “Tech Week”. Tech week is the week or two prior to the opening night of a stage performance. The Crew (people who help backstage) come during these weeks as well to figure out the bells and whistles of the set and the show. The actors go through the entire show from start to finish in full costume and work out any imperfections. Everyone needs to do their part to make the show the best it can be.

Tech week becomes stressful for everyone involved. The director is seeing all of their work come to life, the crew is trying to memorize everything they have to do, the choreographer is making sure everyone has all of the right steps, and the actors are making sure they know everything they have to do and how to do it. Tech week is the final push before the show starts and all of the hard work pays off. Actors stay up late rehearsing and going through the show which makes it physically and emotionally draining.

 Mr. Olson, the music director for the spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors says, “Everything comes together, it’s awesome to see everything come to life and come into one huge piece that everyone loves and gets so excited about. At the same time, the seer amount of hours we are here at the school building is a little daunting. We go from a forty hour week to an eighty/ninety hour week or more. But I think the amount of time you spend together brings the cast closer together and makes the show really click. Tech week is a trying time, but a good time”

Now that you see that tech week is hard, you may ask, “How can I help my friend during tech week?” It is well known that you rehearse all day non stop, so actors have to make sure to stay well hydrated and energized. If it is a musical, they sing day and night, so if you lose your voice, you could be in trouble. Actors need to bring water, often caffeine, cough drops, throat coat tea which helps a sore throat and keeps it healthy, and honey. People stay at the theater for a really long time so snacks are always welcome as well. With all that said, all the theatre kids, teachers, volunteers and parents involved have worked so hard. Now that you have an appreciation for tech week, go on and see your theatre friend’s show!

Come see Little Shop of Horrors March 19-21!