GL’s 1st Ever Baseball Game!!!


I. Oo

Bryce Friedlander

The Green Level Baseball team played their 1st game in Green Level history on Monday, March 2nd. They won by a final score of 2-1 away at South Garner for their first win in history. Innings 1-4 were scoreless until the 5th inning once the Gators scored their first runs in history and in the game. South Garner came back and made the game challenging by cutting into the Gators lead by half in the 6th inning. The rest of the game was a close one, but the Gators found a way to win their first game. Shane Francfort, Elias Walsh, Jackson Rukamp and Carter Devereaux led the Gators on the mound. Bryce Friedlander led the Gators in batting with 2 hits(H) with 4 at bats(AB). Elias Walsh led the Gators in base running with two stolen bases. The Gators will look to continue winning when they play a very talented Heritage team on Friday, March 6th.