The Weekly Rec


Graphic made by A. Guo

A. Guo is back with another round of recommendations for how to spend your time at home during quarantine.

A. Guo, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

In these past few weeks, I have heard many people say they have been bored out of their minds. But to me, there are still countless things for me to do. On this week’s edition of “The Weekly Rec,” I’ll share with you some of the things that have kept me far from bored out of my mind.

Reading: Song Lyrics

Music is something I find myself zoning into throughout the entire day, now that I rarely ever have to listen or talk to other people. But sometimes I find myself listening to songs that I have never considered the meaning of, or have been listening to without knowing the true lyrics. It can be really fun, calming, and sometimes even shocking to read the lyrics of certain songs. At the same time, the songs in which you are reading the lyrics is also a crucial factor in making reading successful. Personally, the English band, The 1975’s lyrics are some of my favorites to dissect.

Watching: Cooking ASMR Videos

Whenever I scroll through social media, I can always find people cooking food. I think it is something that a lot of us can look forward to in a time where it’s hard to find a purpose to get out of bed. Because of my interest in cooking, I have been viewing a lot of cooking videos online, but the ASMR cooking videos have been particularly nice to watch. These videos are almost cooking in real-time, with no sounds except for the cutting, whisking, mixing, and cooking.

Listening To: Cool by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s new album called “Future Nostalgia” was just released on March 27th, and my favorite track off the record was the song called “Cool”. Lipa’s voice is very distinct and husky, which compliments this song. I always find myself swaying to this song and wanting to get up and dance, which is something I can luckily always do now.

Making: Bento 

A bento box can be healthy, cute, filling, and above all, delicious. It is simple to make, and the ingredients can be easily replaced or changed. They can also be arranged to be very beautiful, or even look like cute animals.

Doing: Writing/Sending Snail Mail to Friends

To me, physically writing out letters to people can mean so much more than typing it out on your iPhone, because when you are writing something out, you have to make more of an effort. Writing snail mail also allows creativity or another form of arts and crafts, as you can add stickers, tape, and different designs in your letter and mail. It is also a great way of connecting with others, especially those who you love, while social distancing.