How Are Students Handling Virtual Learning?


Image created by A. Rudolph

Gator students tell us their thoughts about remote learning.

A. Rudolph, Student Life Section Editor

Virtual learning has been a crazy time for everyone. Throughout this time teachers have been forced to create completely new lesson plans and assignments that will fit this new form of learning. But what do the students think of virtual learning? How are they handling this adjustment?

John Campbell, a sophomore at Green Level, says, “Virtual learning has been very stressful for me because after classes I have responsibilities at home like chores, but I also have stacks and stacks of assignments due by the next class.” Many students are feeling similar to Campbell, overwhelmed with a sudden increase in the workload. Students we talked to suggested that while most teachers are making the workload significantly lighter, some are giving a lot of assignments. Admittedly, there are many differing opinions on what an appropriate workload would be, but some students told us that they are definitely feeling the weight of school work and the conflicting work of chores and other at-home assignments. 

Students are not just feeling the weight of workload, they are also struggling to understand lessons through virtual learning. Diti Tanotra, a freshman at Green Level, said, “I think virtual learning is a little bit of a struggle, it’s just not the same as learning face to face. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding the content. Virtual learning has affected me negatively because I am a face to face learner. I need someone to explain the subject face to face and I don’t really get that through online learning.” While virtual learning is a huge blessing to many, ensuring that students don’t fall completely behind, it can be hard to understand the concepts that the teachers are trying to communicate through the screens. 

One benefit of virtual learning may be that it has helped educators to open their minds to new ways of teaching. Campbell stated, “One thing I would like to take away from virtual learning is how we play games at the end of class periods.” Tanotra also said, “Since virtual learning happened I have been really on top of my schoolwork and I made myself a schedule that I stick to and I want to carry that over to [regular] school because it helps me feel more organized.” 

Virtual learning has been a whirlwind and a learning experience for all of us. However, it has also affected us positively so that now we can adapt and make our school systems better.