Fall Flavors: Cinnamon Apple Chips

E. Nguyen, Staff Writer


The anticipation of Autumn heading around the corner indicates the time for months to display double-digits. It also signifies the beginning of the pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple aromas jostling for attention, bearing in mind an escalation to gain reputation and popularity. Their rivalry intensifies down the wire of the holiday countdown, but so does the plethora of recipes tagging along. While both a slice of pumpkin pie and a soothing apple cider evoke senses of familiarity, there are no detrimental effects to enjoying these flavors in more innovative manifestations. When the fruition of opportunities are seized to channel these tastes via new avenues, benefits are reaped in from distinctive outlets yielding creative approaches. Twists on old traditions tend to be notably intricate for all cuisines unlike, but it is different here as a resilient outlier awaits. Simplicity knocks on the door to open, and the key to unlock it appears to be in sight. A snack on the rise to munch on is within reach. 


Baked cinnamon apple chips have joined the crew for the second edition of Fall Flavors, and nothing screams more simplicity than this mouthwatering morsel. The three ingredients needed to bake this delicious treat guarantee no shortcuts undermining a natural tang, as whole foods as clear as day, are relied upon to carry out and present this dish. Besides impressing taste buds, health avails in the orientation of this delight, as if it could not stop getting any better. Furthermore, they are easy to prepare and ready within a short time frame! 


Apples, in conjunction with cinnamon, have contributed to a multitude of perks for optimal functioning, sharing the stage in joint efforts to enhance cognition and diminish the likelihood for developing diabetes and cancer. Entering as the grand act to open the show, apples provide the substantial daily dose of fruit in demand. Apples are always synonymous with being touted to keep the doctor away, as long as a reasonable amount is consumed on a daily basis. Generally, this means a single apple, as excessive quantities induce adverse effects from a fructose surplus . Studies have linked apples to reducing oxidative stress within the metabolic structures of the human body vicinity. They soar high when the sky’s the limit as fantastic sources of prebiotic fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants that suppress intolerable stress! Vitamin C is long heralded as imperative for revealing a clear skin complexion as the cornerstone in cell regeneration. In turn, the skin glows and leaves a blissful shine. It also boosts immunity to avoid catching the cold. Fiber is a crucial catalyst for regulating bowel movement, feeds the good gut bacteria, and acts like gasoline for an engine to drive byproducts through and beyond the excretory system. In addition, fiber lowers cholesterol levels responsible for heart disease. To close the curtains with loud applause, cinnamon is the cherry sitting on top due to having medicinal properties for alleviating inflammation. Discover the magic of making these delicious chips here! Bon Appetit! 


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