When Is In-Person School Resuming?



C. Lentz clears up the current information on remote and in-person learning.

COVID-19 has brought a myriad of uncertainties in our society and few people know for sure when normal life will resume. Very prevalent among these uncertainties is Wake County Public School System’s current plan ,or arguably lack thereof, for the return of in-person education. Ever since the school year started last August, information, plans, and guidelines have fluctuated, making it difficult for students and parents to keep up with the latest from WCPSS. 

For students who have chosen the Virtual Academy plan, the rest of the year is simple and 100% remote. On the other hand, the students who have joined the transition group need to be keeping up on the latest news from Wake County regarding the return to campus. Currently, these students are experiencing “Plan C” within the “A, B, C” structure of their enrollment: remote learning identical to that of Virtual Academy. As of a couple weeks ago, all transition students (including high schoolers) were going to be experiencing “Plan B,” which involves a three week rotation of remote learning and in-person instruction. However, due to what were the rising number of COVID cases throughout the winter, all students (including Pre-K to 8) are currently in “Plan C”. WCPSS’s updated goal for the transition is mid-February.

The WCPSS board has stated that they are trying to balance the physical health and safety with the diverse learning needs of the students. After all, even though some students prefer the structure of online education, it is harmful to others’ mental health and can be a detrimental learning environment.

It is the goal of The Gator’s Eye to provide the most up to date information with the constantly fluctuating plans of the county regarding this uncertain topic, and more updates will be coming soon.