A Discussion in Equity Affairs with Teresa Bunners


Graphic made by A. Guo

WCPSS Director of Student Engagement in the Office of Equity Affairs discusses a variety of initiatives, student involvement in equity, and more.

A. Guo and L. Taylor

Teresa Bunner has quickly emerged as one of the key leaders in the Wake County education system. With 30 years in public education, she is vital to the development of a better school system. As the Director of Student Engagement in the Office of Equity Affairs, her role is limitless. From running summer camps to assisting in the distribution of technology to leading fellow teachers, she is everywhere. As a mother and educator, Bunner tackles many issues with compassion and creativity. After a recent conversation with Bunner, we have put together some key milestones, plans, and goals for her and Equity Affairs.


The Office of Equity Affairs, which was created to address the equity issues within Wake County, plays an integral role in education development. By working with fellow educators and using feedback from students, Bunner is making real change. As a former teacher and literacy coordinator, Bunner has transformed her passion for education into a variety of advocacy efforts. 


Every summer, Bunner helps host a Summer Writing Institution. This camp, which is free to all attendees, features guest speakers, and activities that will inspire the next generation of leaders. Bunner has transformed students from  “ I hate reading” to “ I want to be a writer.” During the pandemic, Bunner took her institution virtually and still was able to deliver an equally engaging program.


Part of creating a sustainable virtual environment is collecting student feedback. Bunner helps facilitate a Student Equity group that allows students to voice their concerns on the school curriculum, SROs, and virtual learning. Using feedback from students, she transmits valuable information back to educators on improving student engagement in schools.


In addition to these efforts, Equity Affairs also hosts the Young Women’s Leadership Summit. The Summit features breakout sessions and keynote speakers that promote female confidence and leadership. Last year, students spent the day at Meredith College. Not only did attendees get an inside look into a college campus, but got to engage with other like-minded students.


Due to the pandemic, many WCPSS students have become disconnected from their classrooms. From internet issues to working parents, the challenges faced this year have never been seen before. Through her work, Bunner has proved that when students are provided with content they are interested in, they will engage in extra learning opportunities. Using this feedback, Bunner will help to transform the classroom environment. 


Bunner has lofty goals for the future. From transferring the curriculum to feature more inclusive plots and storylines to helping students become future activists, Bunner is leading the Wake County Public School System to a brighter future.