Pfizer Vaccine Approved for Ages 12 and Above – You Have No More Excuses


Wikimedia Commons

Pfizer releases it’s vaccine for those age 12-15: go get vaccinated.

The media has been overflowing with news of vaccines. Pfizer or Moderna? Johnson & Johnson? Isn’t that a baby products company? 

After more than 3 months of students 16 and older being able to receive the Pfizer vaccine, it is now available for anyone ages 12-15 as well. 

At Green Level, most freshman and some sophomores fit the criteria for this new age group, and are now buzzing with excitement. Here is what they are saying:

Trishna Cherukuri (9th) says that “I’m glad that the vaccine is available and I think the quicker the students get it, the quicker we can go to school.”

Asthav Sagar (9th) says “I feel relieved and confused because there is a method for younger kids to be vaccinated, but is it really safe?” Concerns are valid, but the Covid-19 vaccine for ages 12-15 was 100% effective and data shows it is very safe.

And finally, Asmitha Kakarla (10th), is also thrilled. “I’m so glad I can keep myself and others safe by slowing the spread. I can also hang out with my friends guilt-free, knowing that my parents are safer.” 

Help Green Level High School return to normal and keep your family healthy. Get vaccinated now!